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Wayne Husted For the Blenko Glass Co., 1953-63
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Wayne Husted Blenko medallions#545 applied fish medallion bowl in Lime, 7.75"dia. Wayne Husted Blenko 5419
Sea Green blown-out abstract decorations vases #5422, 14" and $5421, 20.5"
Wayne Husted Blenko 5421#5413 sculptural bowl, 15.5"long Wayne Husted Blenko blue yellowsliced stopper group in Charcoal, L to R: #5416S, 11.25"; 5416L, 19"; 5419, 18.5"
Wayne Husted Blenko  545#551 applied abstract medallion vases in Sea Green and Charcoal, 12.5" Blenko Bird Vase 5410#552 Portrait vases in Charcoal from 20.25" to 21" Wayne Husted Blenko 5413#554 vase with applied band, 11.75" Blenko vases 551#5518 impressed horse drawing vase, 16.25"
Wayne Husted Blenko  554#557 Anniversary Jars in Charcoal, 12 and 12.25" Wayne Husted Blenko  558#558 high-heel bowl in Amethyst, 5.5" Wayne Husted Blenko catsall Charcoal, L to R: 5510S kitty decanter, 12.25"; 5510L Cat decanter, 16.5"; 559 cat vase 13.5" Blenko horse vase 5518Notch decanters, #562S in Amethyst, 12.5"; #562L in Sea Green 15.25"
Wayne Husted Blenko 562#572 oversized spouted decanter in Gold, 21.25" Blenko mushroom decanters and protrait vase#5720 Napoleon Decanter in Mulberry, 16" Wayne Husted Blenko 5615#5727 trumpet vases in Gold and Tangerine, 22" Wayne Husted Blenko 572Decorative Accents in Tangerine, 7.75" to 15.75"
Wayne Husted Blenko 5720
complete 5731 fruit set in Gold, 2" to 9"
Wayne Husted Blenko 5921Complete Echoes Series vases, L to R: #581 in Gold, 12.25"; #583 in Charcoal, 19.5"; #582 in Teal 14.25" Wayne Husted Blenko 5727Complete set of spool Decanter, L to R: 587L in Mulberry, 36"; 587S in Sea Green, 16", 587M in Tangerine 23" Wayne Husted Blenko Floor Pair#5812 hurricane sculpture in Mulberry, 17.5"
Wayne Husted Blenko fruitOwl vases 5830S in Gold, 6.5"; 5830L in Charcoal, 9.25" Wayne Husted Blenko echoes#5832 3-part epergne in Charcoal, 35" Wayne Husted Blenko 584 585#5833 2-part epergne in Mulberry, 18.25"; in Gold, 17.75" Wayne Husted Blenko spool#5912 pinched & pulled decanter in Tangerine, 15"
Wayne Husted Blenko 5812Complete U-cut series, L to R: 5942S Lilac 11.25", 5942L Persian 16", 5915S Lilac 9", 5915L Persian 13.5" Wayne Husted Blenko 5815#5916 reversible candleholder vases in Lilac, Persian and Nile, 15" Wayne Husted Blenko 5820#5921 integral spout decanter in Persian, 13.5" Wayne Husted Blenko  Sea Green GroupComplete baluster decanter series, L to R: 5922S in Lilac, 15.5"; 5929L in Jonquil, 21.25"; 5922L in Persian, 20"
Wayne Husted Blenko 5823cone-stopper decanters in Persian, #5928, 15.5"; #5937 22.75" #9-RE Regal Specialty Line decanter, 15" #10-DR Raindrop Specialty Line Decanter, 8.75" Wayne Husted Blenko 5826#605 gemstone decanters in Persian, 13"; and Lilac, 13.25"
Wayne Husted Blenko 5830#6029 decanter in Jonquil 26.5" Wayne Husted Blenko 5832#6034 Eiffel Tower decanter in Tangerine, 18" Blenko Husted Floor Decanters#6121 moon decanter in Tangerine, 13.5" Wayne Husted Blenko 597
pair of #6134 Jonquil ram's head bookend vases, 8.5"
Wayne Husted Blenko 5916
Jonquil #6145 rooster vase 7.25"
#638L decanter in Rose, 19.75" Wayne Husted Blenko 9-REComplete set of applied Medallion designs in Charcoal, L to R: 556 horse medallion 15", 5615 star medallion 11.25", 551 abstract medallion 12.5", 557 anniversary jar 12.25" Blenko chalice 5923Charcoal figural designs L to R: 5732 mermaid decanter 15", 5410 bird vase, 16.5", 5510S kitty decanter 12.25"
Wayne Husted Blenko 562Architectural Scale floor decanters L to R: 5929L, 36"; 5427L 27.5"; 5516WS 33", 5815L 32", 587L 36" Blenko Regal CompoteGold, Jonquil and Persian designs Wayne Husted Blenko RialtoAmethyst, Lilac and Tangerine desings Wayne Husted Blenko RaindropRaindrop Specialty Line L to R: 18-DR, 195"; 20-DR 5.25"; 15-DR 13", 26-DR 7.75"
Wayne Husted Blenko 605Rialto Specialty Line designs
Wayne Husted Blenko 6121designs in Sea Green
Wayne Husted Blenko 5922 59291962 textured line in Jonquil L to R: 6227, 15"; 6228, 20"; 6229, 19.25"
Blenko ram head vases
flat body decanters L to R: #6316 Tangerine 12", #6314 Sea Green 20", #6315 Turquoise 15"

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